Stop giving away free coffees.

Use Pocal for your business & reward your customers instead.

You can save thousands just by making the switch.

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What to know how much you could save just by switching to Pocal?

How many coffees would you make a day?

Just a rough estimate ... no pressure.

Pocal could save you over * a year

Compared to the 10th coffee free loyalty card. Here's the breakdown of how Pocal works over a year.

Paul uses Pocal


Peter uses a Loyalty Card

Pocal rewards your customers for spending with you the Pocal App at your store.

You try and attract customer loyalty by giving away a free coffee.

Number coffees made

Number coffees sold

Total Sales a cup

Your cost per cup @

Pocal passes a percentage of the payment back to your customer to spend again.

Transaction Cost

You pay Merchant Fees and Bank Charges of roughly 1.5% + 30 cents per transaction to the bank and other providers.

Total Cost

Total Profit

You just made an extra just by ditching the rewards card and recommending your customers to use Pocal.

It's super easy to use

You don't need anything to get started. No new machines. No new POS terminals or 3rd Party Software. Nada.

Your customers just need the Pocal app installed on their phone and once you've registered your business you can start saving straight away with your sales sent straight to your nominated bank account.

Get to know your regulars better.

You may never forget a face, but once your customers enable the favourites feature you'll never forget a name.

And you'll get a better idea of when they come in and take more interest in what like so you can provide a better service.

Get direct access to your best customers.

Got a promotion? Need to sell off some end of day stock quickly?

Through the Pocal App you can directly let your best customers know about limited special offers or deals.

Don't wait for customers to walk past your store when you can let them know directly.


Instant access to all your daily transactions from your desktop or phone

See all your sales in one place either from your phone or from your desktop.

Plot sales trends over time which will help you better prepare for staffing needs.

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