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How does Pocal work?

Here's what you need to know about Pocal for Business, based on the questions we get asked the most. If you don't find your question answered below, feel free to contact us.

helpWhat is POCAL?

Pocal is quite simply a Rewards App for your regular customers used mainly for small purchases. It rewards customers for spending locally through their phone.

helpHow much does it cost?

Pocal doesn't cost you anything to use. There's no monthly subscription fee or extra hidden charges.

All you need to do is agree to provide a 10% discount on any purchase made through the POCAL App.

helpDo I need to change my prices?

Not at all. You just continue charging your customers the regular retail price. Our unique Hand Shake @™ transaction process handles the correct payment, rewards the customer and then passes on the remaining payment to you.

helpWhat do I need to install?

You don't need to install anything. Our secure App works through the customers phone.

You don't need any new equipment or software. Our system works with any POS system and even the good old-school cash register.

helpWhen do I get the sales I've earned?

At the moment we pay all your sales into your nominated bank account twice a week less your 10% discount on purchases.

helpCan I cancel my account?

Sure you can. If you don't think Pocal is providing you any value, please let us know. We here to ensure you get all all the tools you need to increase your local sales.

If we can't do that, you're welcome to leave at anytime. Just fill in the cancellation form and we'll pay out any outstanding sales, and remove your account from our system.

helpI already use a rewards app. Can I still use Pocal?

No Problems. You can still use any other type of promotion that suits your business. However, we recommend you try our Rewards Cost Calculator to see if you're actually loosing money from using a rewards card or other rewards app.

Pocal is the only Mobile App that actually rewards customers for spending

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